Civil Engineering and Due Diligence Process

Midwest Fidelity Partners works with local engineers to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for civil engineering, landscape architecture, and environmental planning.

This due diligence process begins with an assessment of property boundaries, zoning, and any other requirements that could impact the development process. 

Test Fitting and Planning

A test fit is performed to determine which of the four Silverstar models will work best on the site before a web-based system is used to track geographical and environmental information.

Our engineers have worked with city planners and sub-consultants on nearly 50 MFP sites in 8 markets.

Attorney Due Diligence Checklist

MFP partners with local attorneys to execute a due diligence process that takes a property from the site selection stage to a certificate of occupancy.

With a mission to identify and develop A+ car wash sites, MFP starts with the end game in mind, ensuring their investment will enhance its customers' bottom line.

Site Selection Checklist

Initial site selection includes an extensive checklist that includes input from engineers and architects, as well as environmental review.

Utilized for ten years in more than 40 real estate transactions, MFP has implemented a system to effectively predict and identify areas of concern early, ensuring time is not wasted on sites that won’t be successful.