Construction Innovations

Sound Deadening

Older car washes are notorious for their noise levels.

Midwest Fidelity Partners, however, uses innovative technology that eliminates the noise that's associated with older car washes.

While this sound deadening technology is a considerable financial investment, it means that Midwest Fidelity Partners' washes generate less sound than the surrounding street noise or even normal conversation.

Here's a video showcasing an interview with some of the engineers behind the equipment that makes MFP car wash construction different than older car wash technology.

Investing in minimizing car wash sound is not only a competitive differentiator, it’s a matter of health.

Lower acoustic levels mean fewer occupational hazards and less exposure to potential hearing loss.

Midwest Fidelity Partners wants to provide the safest experience for all customers and employees.

Washing a vehicle with a Midwest Fidelity Partners car wash uses about half the water a person would use washing their vehicle at home.
Midwest Fidelity Partners car washes recycle water as much as possible thanks to advanced water treatment systems.

Water Reclamation

Every project led by Midwest Fidelity Partners utilizes the latest water reclamation technology available to minimize water use.

The equipment systems are installed at the maximum allowable points within the wash to recapture reusable water throughout the wash tunnel.

With these mitigation techniques in place, Midwest Fidelity Partners builds car washes that use less water than someone would use when washing their vehicle at home in their driveway.

Water Reclamation