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Midwest Fidelity Partners Growth Update

Hegg Construction crews and MFP Solutions installation teams make quick work of Midwest Fidelity Partners’ car wash projects. Midwest Fidelity Partners currently has 11 active construction sites in four markets as well as several more in earlier stages of the development process. Here’s a look at our recently completed projects:

MFP Future Sites

Future Acquisitions and Sites

In addition to its current operational and under-construction sites, Midwest Fidelity Partners is working on design build and development acquisitions for Silverstar Car Wash locations in the following markets. Silverstar Car Wash Expansion Des Moines The largest city in Iowa, Des Moines has a diverse economy from agriculture to industry and significant growth recently in…


A Sound Installation Difference

Midwest Fidelity Partners uses innovative technology to reduce car wash noise traditionally associated with older car washes. While the Aerodry technology is a considerable financial investment, it has the advanced ability to dampen sound at both the entrance and exit of the car wash. That means the sound generated by MFP washes is lower than…