About Us

Midwest Fidelity Partners, LLC was founded in 2010 as a real estate development firm specializing in car wash facilities.

Co-founder and CEO Bryan Slama leads real estate development throughout the Midwest, which includes the management of more than $100 million in car wash construction projects from site selection through construction and opening.

Innovative Design, Innovative Construction

Midwest Fidelity Partners is the industry-leader in speed to market construction using an innovative pre-cast concrete system to achieve consistency, avoid labor shortages, and complete projects on-budget.

MFP’s system has been used to design-build more than 40 car washes across seven states.

Committed to Our Future

Exceptional Customer Service

Efficiency and Growth

Water Recycling and Conservation

Best-In-Class Equipment

Noise Reduction

Community Leadership

Development Philosophy

If you're a community leader that's considering a car wash by Midwest Fidelity Partners, we've created this video to explain the systems we have in place to address water usage and noise concerns.

For more information, please contact us at info@mfp.llc.