About MFP & CEO Bryan Slama


Bryan Slama is the co-founder and CEO of Midwest Fidelity Partners, a real estate development firm that specializes in the construction of car wash facilities throughout the Midwest. With Bryan's leadership, Midwest Fidelity Partners has built a reputation as a trusted partner for car wash companies seeking to construct and operate high-quality facilities.

Bryan has an extensive background in the car wash industry, having managed the construction of over 23 Silverstar Car Wash projects and over $100 million in construction projects. He has also acted as an advisor to several startup car wash businesses, providing valuable insights into the financial modeling, market research, and strategic planning required to build a successful operation.

Bryan has been involved in all phases of new car wash projects, from site selection to construction and opening, and has negotiated and signed agreements with contractors, vendors, and consultants. He has also collaborated with architects and engineers on the design of car washes, ensuring that each facility is both operationally efficient and consumer facing, aesthetically pleasing.

Bryan's experience in the car wash industry extends beyond construction and development. He has managed day-to-day operations of Silverstar car wash and has a deep understanding of what it takes to create a positive customer experience. He has also demonstrated his commitment to his employees by growing a team that is people-focused and values exceptional service.

Bryan's success in the car wash industry is built on a solid foundation of financial knowledge. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Financial Economics from the University of North Dakota and was the President of Strongbox Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisor of South Dakota. This financial expertise has been invaluable in guiding Midwest Fidelity Partners through its growth and expansion.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Bryan is an active member of his church and a generous volunteer in his community. He brings these same values to his business approach, leadership team, and employees. Bryan's development philosophy is multi-pronged, with a focus on growing sustainably, fostering great experiences for customers and team members, and being a contributing community partner. His goal is to continue growing Midwest Fidelity Partners while maintaining a focus on people and exceptional value.

Overall, Bryan Slama is a highly driven entrepreneur with extensive experience in real estate development and financial advising. His leadership has been instrumental in the accomplishments of Midwest Fidelity Partners, and he is commited to growing the company in a sustainable and people focused way.

Water Reclamation

MFP uses the latest reclamation technology to minimize water use.  Every MFP built site uses equipment and systems that use less water than an average individual uses when washing their car in their driveway.  MFP places their water reclamation systems at the maximum allowable points in the wash to capture reusable water at all areas along the wash tunnel.

Sound Deadening

MFP uses the latest technology to minimize sound traditionally associated with older car washes.  This equipment, while considerably more expensive, deadens sound at the entrance and exit of their projects.  This means sound generated by MFP washes is lower than surrounding street noise or normal conversation.

For more information on Midwest Fidelity Partners, contact info@mfp.llc.

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