Midwest Fidelity Partners, LLC was founded in 2010 and has made strategic investments in building out the Silverstar Car Wash platform.  Bryan Slama, the CEO of Midwest Fidelity Partners, was instrumental in the creation of the Silverstar brand, and is leading MFP investments in alternative asset classes and industries.

About Timeline

December 2010

Midwest Fidelity Partners, LLC acquires SD1 – Marion & 57th St. Silverstar

July 2015

SD2 – Sycamore Silverstar Opens

February 2017

SD3 – Louise Silverstar Opens

March 2018

SD4 – 26th Street Silverstar Opens

April 2018

Acquisition of 10th Street AutaWash, Sioux Falls, SD

December 2018

SD5 – 10th Street Silverstar Opens

September 2019

SD6 – 85th Street Silverstar Opens

December 2019

Acquisition of Empire Car Wash, Sioux Falls, SD

March 2020

Acquisition of Rocket Car Wash, Sioux City, IA

June 2020

IA1- Hamilton Blvd Silverstar Opens

August 2020

IA2 – Floyd Blvd. Silverstar Opens

October 2020

NE1 – Cornhusker Blvd. Silverstar Opens

February 2021

SD7- 57th and Graystone Silverstar Opens

March 2021

IA3 – Sergeant Rd. Silverstar Opens

April 2021

IA4 – York St Silverstar begins Construction

April 2021

SD8 – 41st Street Silverstar Opens

April 2021

IA5 – Correctionville Silverstar begins Construction

April 2021

SD9 – Minnesota Ave. Silverstar begins Construction