Midwest Fidelity Partners, LLC (MFP) is the largest operator of express exterior car washes in the Sioux Falls, SD and Sioux City, IA metro areas. MFP owns the brand name Silverstar Car Wash, where their use of a subscription based service combined with proprietary third party sales channels gives them a model that is portable to other Midwest markets.

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Haunted Car Wash brings new Halloween fright to Siouxland

If you’re looking for a little scare this week – you can always check out a haunted… car wash?SilverStar Car Wash is putting on a Haunted Car Wash leading up to the Halloween weekend. Located off Gordon Drive on Correctinville Road, folks in Siouxland can take their car through the wash and get a bit of a fright, too.

Silverstar Haunted Car Wash giving a scare for a cause

The 2021 season will mark the third year of the annual Silverstar Haunted Car Wash, and organizers hope this will be the best one yet.

Stop by the Silverstar Car Wash Carnival of Screams

Andrea Vetos is the Regional Manager for Silverstar Car Wash and she’s joining us today to tell us why one Silverstar location in Sioux Falls is putting on a “Carnival of Screams” for a good cause.